Personal Healing

Shortly after the passing of her brother, Danielle began having difficulty within nursing. She lost the ability to compartmentalize her personal emotions for patients and their families. She felt so connected to her patients, she was unable to set her feelings aside to work in a systematic and rational fashion, necessary for Intensive Care. In addition to the stress of work, grief and not addressing her internal wounds, Danielle had a severe neurological episode and began losing feeling and use of her legs. The official diagnosed culprit… Multiple Sclerosis.

After several months of intensive medical and physical therapy, she was able to learn to walk again, without the use of assistive devices. Unfortunately, she had difficulty keeping up with the physical and emotional demands of nursing. With her supportive husband Jason by her side, they made the difficult decision to walk away from nursing and she hung up her nursing stethoscope. The choice to step away from nursing, opened the time she needed to begin seriously developing and learning all she could within mediumship and psychic work. As most medium and lightworkers know, the first step in spirituality is self-care and love. The more she limited external, unnecessary stressors, began eliminating toxic negativity, and worked on her internal state of love and self-compassion, she began to grow as a medium. Her healing journey to health recovery and mediumship were deeply intertwined. She recognized the more she focused on positive energy and healing the wounds of her childhood and past experiences, she began to heal emotionally, as well as physically.