they may forget your name, but they will never forgive how you made them feel.

Danielle is a Registered Nurse with fifteen years of experience working in the healthcare setting. She was drawn to nursing to help care for others, in their most vulnerable times. When Danielle’s oldest son was just three weeks old, he became very ill with RSV (a respiratory virus). After spending nearly six weeks with her son, inside the walls of Children’s Hospital, Danielle began to feel a calling to helping patients and their family members through nursing. She began taking classes at a local university and was soon accepted into nursing school. Danielle graduated with her Licensed Practical Nursing Diploma in Denver, CO. She worked as an LPN for five years in Long Term Care/Geriatric nursing, as well as Telemetry/Step down ICU in the hospital setting.

Knowing that she ultimately wanted to work in the hospital setting, as a bedside nurse, she made the decision to return to college. She attended College in El Paso, TX where she completed her nursing degree. She graduated with honors and received The Florence Nightingale Award for display of outstanding compassion and beside nursing, demonstrating the values established by nursing pioneer, Florence Nightingale. Danielle went onto work in the hospital setting as a cardiac nurse and eventually progressed into working adult Intensive Care for the next ten years.