Mediumship Awakening

Two months following the passing of her brother, Mike, Danielle began experiencing paranormal activity in her home. Light bulbs began burning out at an alarming rate, electricity flickering occurred daily, alarm clocks in the house alarmed without being turned on, her children’s toys would turn on in the middle of the night and when she was home alone, and she began seeing a small child in spirit. In addition to all these paranormal happenings, she also began having vivid dreams and continuously had the feeling she wasn’t alone. Terrified that she thought a loved one was trying to tell her they were going to die, she sought out a local psychic medium.

This medium connected with her departed brother, Mike. She provided information that she couldn’t have possibly known about his life, other family members, and the ongoing paranormal occurrences. Most importantly, she provided comfort and relief by delivering a strong message that Danielle wasn’t receiving warnings that some was going to die. Rather, explained she was receiving messages from spirit. Mike left Danielle with a startling question, “Why aren’t you delivering the messages that we are trying to convey?”

This question resonated so deeply and left Danielle with an understanding that communicating with spirit is nothing to be feared. Thus, she began searching for likeminded teachers, mentors, and friends online. Within several days she purchased the book, So, you want to be a medium? By: Rose Vanden Eynden. She began following the exercises within the pages. She also was drawn to several Facebook groups for mediumship development. Shortly thereafter, she enrolled in Mediumship Development courses. After eighteen weeks of coursework, she became a certified medium through Soul Side Out. She has taken courses and mentored under Lillian Suarez; The Chicago Medium, Lou Ann Beecher; The Maryland Medium, Melissa Cubillas (MC), and has attended workshop with Internationally renowned medium, Tony Stockwell.