4th Time’s a Charm Book

Photo Credit: Jasmin Welch

Wherever we come from, we bring some form of trauma into our adult lives—the “baggage” that will destroy even our most cherished relationships if we let it.

After reaching a desperate rock bottom in her fourth marriage, Danielle Hope Wolfe looked for help. She learned that emotional triggers could be dismantled, hearts could speak; minds and habits could change. With her husband, she set out to reconstruct her marriage. By learning to love herself—to the soul and back—healing painful wounds and releasing old feelings of fear and inadequacy, Danielle made space for a joyous, rock-solid partnership, one that continues to grow and evolve.

The 4th Time’s a Charm is a story of vulnerability, chaos, acceptance and growth, told with courage and remarkable insight.

Using tools available to us all, Wolfe maps out a pathway to long-lasting love and happiness. Her message is transformative: it’s possible to create the marriage you want, no matter where you start out.

Official LAUNCH DATE of 4th Time’s a Charm  is September 21st, 2019!!!! 

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